With our solar panel setup, we needed to capture as much energy as possible. Maximum Power Point Tracking or MPPT solar chargers are the way to go. You can see over 30% more electricity into your battery bank over the older Pulse Width Modulation or PWM charger.

Victron MPPT Solar Charger

We didn't really consider anything other than the Victron MPPT Charge Controller. It works with our RaspberryPi Color Control GX monitor and other Victron equipment, so why not.

One thing to keep in mind with solar chargers is, they are limited by amperage, so you can get double the charge capacity by running a 24v battery bank vs a 12v battery bank. With our setup we used two of these charge controllers to gather all the energy from our solar panels.


  • Regular Firmware Updates - Easier to update than the multiplus, victron is always releasing new improvements.
  • Optional Bluetooth Connectivity - Some models support connecting to your phone via bluetooth.
  • Small Size - Compared to the size of many other solar chargers, these are very small, yet very efficient.


  • None - No seriously.