LED Clearance Markers

We wanted small, bright clearance markers. These work great on 12 or 24 volts.

Turn Signal LED Lights

We wanted something that would fit in with the stainless steel look of our bus vs the stock white markers we had.

These fit the stock holes perfectly (if you can get the aluminum screws out from the stock markers). The only issue I ran into was they seemed a little dim unless viewed straight on.

I'm still playing with these.

7" LED Brake Lights

These are 12 V!!!! I made the mistake of putting these in thinking they were 12/24v like many truck / bus lights. These are 12v only, ours worked great for a week or two, then burned out little by little. I feel shame.

4" LED Brake Lights

Our 4" LED lights were working, but just barely, these where direct drop in replacements.

LED Headlights

Our MC9 Bus was already converted to square headlights. They use the Peterbilt headlight standard so any Peterbilt headlight from the 70's -80's will work fine.

These turn night into day on high beam.