Excitement doesn't begin to describe the feeling of bringing home a 30,000 lb vehicle that is a blank canvas for family fun and adventure.

Finding The Bus

We found our bus on Craigslist, I had actually first saw it the year before thinking "That's crazy, who would do that?" Our family, that's who.

What I knew going into it

I knew the bus ran and drove, a band was planning to turn it into a tour bus and they had taken it on a few trips. Before that it was a regional charter bus and before that it was an Americruiser for Greyhound. I say some blue paint on the emergency access hatch and the red 6v92 engine also gives that away.

The seller was very up front and honest, he told me it had:

  • A small transmission leak
  • An air leak somewhere, but it would hold air
  • 2 bad tires showing steel belt

1982 MCI MC9 Former Greyhound Bus

The bus looked great on the outside, I was awestruck with how little rust was on it for being 35 years old . Sure we found some in the usual places on the underside, but the body was in great shape.

The inside was a different story, it was bare, which for us was perfect. The previous owner had done the legwork of removing the seats and everything else. You can see for yourself in the photos below.